At Creative Cannabis Consulting, our goal is to help cannabis businesses and consumers thrive!

  • Our custom-tailored business consulting sessions will help you overcome obstacles and create a plan to succeed in the sometimes daunting world of the cannabis industry.
  • Our well-structured consumer classes provide students with the practical tools and information they need to make their own cannabis medicine.

Who are our Clients?

  • woman-kitchen-man-everyday-life-298926.jpegCannabis industry entrerpreneurs
  • Cannabis dispensary owners
  • Cannabis manufacturers and processors
  • Cannabis cultivation facility owners
  • Professionals starting out in the cannabis industry
  • Dispensaries and medical centers that want to provide cannabis training to their customers
  • Patients who want to make their own medicine
  • Cannabis consumers who want to save money

Infused Product Development, Marketing, and Training Consultant
Chief Instructor

Specializing in Manufacturing, Dispensary, and Medical Businesses

kalycookingpixKaren Getchell is a lifelong healthy food enthusiast with more than 20 years of cannabis cooking experience. Over the past 10 years, she has taught hundreds of people how to cook with cannabis.

Karen is also passionate about cannabis business. In 2014, she opened Cooper Botanicals, one of the first CBD businesses in Texas. As a cannabis consultant, she has written dozens of cannabis licensing applications, business plans, marketing kits, and SOPs. As the Director of Content at Cannabis Training University, she’s responsible for creating multiple career-targeted cananbis training programs.

As a jounalist, Karen has been published on Leafly, Weedmaps, and in the Cannabis Training University blog.