Presentations for Consumers

These 45-minute, hands-off presentations introduce core cannabis topics to patients and consumers. Invite us to speak at your cannabis meetup! Host a presentation to market your dispensary, wellness center, smoke shop, or cannabis business! These informational presentations are hands-off and teach cannabis basics.

Why host a Presentation for Consumers?

  • The presentations are informational, so you don’t need to worry about hands-on cooking causing a mess in your facility.
  • Very little space is required. All you need is a blank wall to project the slide show on, and standing room for your customers.

  • Providing information about cannabis shows your customers/members that you care about them, and brings in new customers who want to attend.

  • Each presentation is customized to point customers to the products in your store.

  • Multiple topics are available, so you can offer different presentations throughout the year.

How does it work?

  1. Contact Creative Cannabis Consulting to schedule a presentation.
  2. The instructor will visit your store and work with you to create a student shopping list designed specifically for the your store. We will also discuss any limits due to space considerations.
  3. Creative Cannabis Consulting will set up a Meetup for the presentation. You will advertise the presentation in your store and on your website.
  4. The instructor will set up a half hour before the presentation.
  5. After presentation, the instructor returns the room to its original condition.


10butterCannaButter Basics (60 minutes). Students will learn the basic principles of infusing oil or butter with cannabis, including decarboxylation, infusion, and cooking tips.

Rick Simpson Oil Basics (60 minutes). Students will learn what “Rick Simpson Oil” is, and get an idea of the many different processes used to make it.

Cooking with Hash (45 minutes). Students will learn the basics of cooking with hash, including decarboxylation, prep, and dosage math.

Cooking with Extracts (45 minutes). Students will learn the basics of cooking with extracts, including whether to decarboxylate, prep, and dosage math. Extracts include shatter, wax, budder, CO2 extract, live rosin, and RSO.

Cooking with Tinctures (45 minutes). Students will learn the basics of making tinctures and how to use them in cooking.

Selecting the Right Strain
 (45 minutes). Students will learn how to select the best strain for their cannabis medicine.