Professional Classes

Creative Cannabis Consulting’s Professional Classes are designed for students who are starting their own cannabis business. Topics include writing a business plan and setting product prices. 

Why take a Professional Class?

No one is talented in every aspect of starting a business. Often, creative people (for example, growers and bakers) have difficulties when it comes to figuring out financial puzzles.

Our professional classes are designed to help you fill in the gaps in your business knowledge. We also offer business consulting services for a more customized approach.


Pricing Products
 (3 hours). Students will learn how to determine bulk ingredient and manufacturing costs, and how to extrapolate prices from these costs. Students are expected to bring a laptop, and one of their product formulas to use as an example. Each student will be given a spreadsheet to take home that will help with this process.

Writing a Cannabis Business Plan
 (four 3-hour sessions). Students will write a plan for their cannabis business. When the class is over, they will have a completed business plan.