Helping patients take charge of their health since 2009.
Helping businesses thrive since 2014.


At Creative Cannabis Consulting, our goal is to help cannabis businesses and consumers thrive!

  • Our custom-tailored business consulting sessions will help you overcome obstacles and create a plan to succeed in the sometimes daunting world of the cannabis industry.
  • Our well-structured consumer classes provide students with the practical tools and information they need to make their own cannabis medicine. Continue reading “About”

Speaking Engagements

CCC’s 30-minute presentations introduce key cannabis topics that are relevant to cannabis businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Invite us to speak at your cannabis meetup or conference! These informational presentations are hands-off and include a question-and-answer session at the end. Continue reading “Speaking Engagements”

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are intensive hands-on courses that provide fast-paced, customized training. Because they are limited to just one student,┬áPrivate Lessons are tailored to meet that student’s specific needs.┬áPrivate Lesson students are usually medical patients, and may not have access to dispensaries in their area. Continue reading “Private Lessons”

Cooking Parties

Home Cooking Parties are fun, hands-on, cannabis cooking classes held in the Host’s home. Each class is designed especially for you and your friends. The Host chooses a customized class, and all students participate in cooking. Continue reading “Cooking Parties”


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Creative Cannabis Consulting is based in Albany, NY. We serve the greater Albany area in person, and all locations via phone and Skype.